• Heather Thompson, TheoArtistic Acquired Savant

A Call to Radical Love

This morning I'm feeling deeply saddened by the things I saw on social media in less than one minute. So much misinformation and polarization from out nation's leadership to the people responding... ignorance, uneducated about the issues, not useful at all other than to continue to expose our country's cultural sicknesses - the whole world can see it now.

Everyone believes they hold the righteous position, yet Truth is multi faceted. There are those who want civil war, and they are trying to fuel the fire. I think the call to radical LOVE is at hand....

  • As in Jesus praying for his persecutors, turning tables, walking on the margins of society breaking unjust rules but doing so in LOVE.

  • or...the BUDDHIST "third way"

  • or... Sufi Muslim Rumi's statement about the "field beyond ideas of right doing and wrong doing"

I'm not a fan of the "summer of love" comment by our mayor. That was cheezy.

Radical, Martin Luther King prophetic LOVE where we face that which is unjust yet do so in LOVE.... THIS...is needed now more than ever.

Can i do it?

Art by Heather Thompson

Blue Phoenix Art www.bluephoenixart.com

I pray often about the Call to radical LOVE. I am a warrior. I hope that I can do this (albeit imperfectly) when the Call comes.

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