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Digital Painting, Synesthesia & Integrating My Brain with Color! (Video)

I'm still playing with this new digital painting tool - #AdobeFresco - I find that I am amazed at the newly released features that allow the colors to mix just as paint would on a canvas. There are "brushes" that blend like oils, scraping tools, and even paints that allow me to create grooves in the "canvas."

Learning this new tool feels surprisingly like my early artistic journey in 2011, when I first discovered by acquired savant skills by allowing my hands to simply do what felt "right" when presented with pastels and paper. Immediately, I was on fire with artistic hunger. I NEEDED to try painting! Note that I had never painted before in my life.

Just as I did then, I am now hungry for digital art. I believe it is because my body is undergoing a significant detoxification and healing, and I am therefore unconsciously avoiding actual art materials at this moment. I have learned to listen to my body, and I am following the nudges that guide my artistic self. At this moment, it is oodles of creative LOVE for digital painting! I not only get to paint exactly what I want, but my brain loves observing the "playback" as it tells me the story of my deep ocean creative mind.

This painting took a little over a week to finish. It began with a Phoenix/Dragon that I have held in my imagination for years and affectionately call LeeLee. Soon, I added another imaginary Dragon friend named Pup. In the early days of my TBI recovery, when my daughter was a toddler, she would play with these two special Dragons that "lived" in my hands. As I painted Leelee and Pup, I had no idea what I was trying to create; I simply knew that I needed to keep going. In the end, the final image gave me the shivers, as I realized that I was staring at my own brain wiring itself through the lens of color, imagery and synesthesia.

Limited edition signed prints will be available soon for all Digital Art. To express interest, email heather@bluephoenixart.com.

Coming Soon - Prints will be available for purchase at www.bluephoenixart.com.

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