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Living NeuroDivergent in a NeuroTypical World - Dyspraxia

Updated: Feb 17

This is such a powerful article that speaks volumes about the very real challenges that those of us with invisible disabilities/"neurodivergent" brains experience daily.

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"When you don’t have the language to communicate what you’re going through, for any kind of problem, that sense of confusion, of hopelessness, crystallizes into shame. Every time I watch somebody drive or dance or effortlessly glide across a room, I feel ashamed. It doesn’t make sense, because it’s not my fault, but I’m not thinking about that. I’m only thinking: I can’t do that. Look at them do it."

Read Article: https://www.marieclaire.com/health-fitness/a35292137/dyspraxia-developmental-coordination-disorder-in-america/

This feels especially relevant now, as the neurotypical and able-bodied world discusses a "return to normal" with plans to "never use zoom ever again." I find myself pondering how amazing it would be to be blessed with such a privileged outlook. Instead, there are millions who have lost loved ones, and millions more who cannot return to normal because of the long term side effects of COVID. Further, there are entire segments of the population that cannot get the vaccine due to the potential for adverse events - I am included in that group.

How long will it be? I suppose I should be grateful that I am now accustomed to the long walk into the unknown. That said, it never gets any easier.

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