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Video: Decluttering is BATTLE and We are WARRIOR WOMEN

This blog is just as diverse as I am, as I increasingly embrace my multifaceted desire to write about the healing journey that I have embarked on in the midst of a pandemic.

There's so much to say, and so many different ways to say it - painting, video, poetry, even silence. I choose a different means of vocalizing my truth every day, as each moment brings paradoxes of painful tears juxtaposed with "roll on the floor" laughter.

It's almost impossible to capture my neurodivergent brain in linear writing, where trauma and healing coexist like yin/yang. Thus, I won't try....I simply offer snippets and allow the expression to speak for itself.

Why a silly video? 😜 Because life is full of joyful moments and silliness is one of the best things about being alive!

But there's more....

This video isn't entirely silly when you pause to consider what it means to reclaim THIS 8 feet of counter space.

Most people don't stop long enough to see beyond their own thinking and judgments; yet all around us are people with invisible illnesses, homebound, struggling. They were there before the pandemic and will be there after. This was my career - home health and hospice - before I became chronically ill myself.

What did the counter look like before? How long had it been that way? Why is this considered a big deal? It's the middle of a pandemic..... What is behind the surface of this milestone?

Asking the questions above give some insight into what it means to actually SEE someone with a chronic illness... without judgment...knowing that the counter top tells a part of the story.

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